My favourite fatty products

Sourcing good quality lipid foods is a high priority in my life. I don't receive support from any of the companies cited here. I just like to recognise when a business has done a real service to the environment, to animal ethics and to providing a beautiful nutritive fatty magnificence that makes my life as a lipid-lover so much richer and happier.

Adelaide Hills Udder Delights Organic Brie

I do a perverse thing with this for which I make no excuses. The recipe is here.

Absolute Organic Certified Organic Raw Macadamias

The most incredible nut on the planet, native to Australia. I am not sure about their anti-digestive molecules but I suspect they are probably lower in them compared to other nuts because the tree puts so much energy into protecting the nut with a super hard shell unlike any other nut. Basically, you need a hammer to crack them - like a real hammer not just some prissy nut cracker tool. You have to bash them! The shells make nice hard wood products. The nut has unique texture, kind of crunchie and yet buttery and brittle. Impossible to describe. They are the fattiest nut around, hence dear to my heart...


Barambah Organics Pure Cream

It is no surprise that this product has won awards. It is the most incredible cream ever. There is no other cream on the market that even comes close to the quality of Barambah's. The flavour is really particular - the flavour of the feeling of lying on green grass on a warm spring afternoon near some mountains and a stream. It tastes a bit like the small farm artisanal creams one can find in little villages in the Swiss and French Alpes. If you like cream and live in Australia, you really must not die without trying this. The sour version with black labelling is also heavenly.

Allowrie Cultured Unsalted European Style Butter,

and NZ Times Organic Unsalted Butter 


I have two favourite butters. Both are from grass-fed pastured cows. The Allowrie one has a lovely tang from the cultures added to the cream before they churn it. The company says they sometimes have to supplement the cows' diet with grain. The NZ times one is creamy as anything, organic and entirely grass fed (if there is one thing NZ has a lot of its grass!! Actually, NZ has lots of many amazing things that are rare and unusual, but its organic butters are truly one of the world's natural wonders). I tend to eat this stuff by the teaspoonful....

COYO: Coconut Milk Yoghurt

I was delighted when this product appeared in health food stores in Australia. Henry, who grew up on coconuts and started this company has really done a great thing for vegans by providing a really luscious probiotic 'creamy' treat that is loaded with excellent fats. It uses the sugar alcohol Xylitol, which I can't see anything too bad about. The carbohydrate count is still very low even in the fruited versions (passionfruit or berry).

Loving Earth Raw Organic Jumbo Black Botija Olives

Juicy, big darkest purple organic olives are a must in my fridge at all times. This company never disappoints. They also sell very nice activated almonds, raw cacao nibs, and creamy coconut products. Their trade equity and environmental sustainability are really worth supporting too.

TRU RA Cold Pressed Organic Cacoa Nibs

I can feel when my magnesium levels are down because I start getting muscles cramping up when I contract them. When that happens I stick a bit of this stuff in some cream or butter and within days the problem is fixed.


Cleopatra's Organic Jersey Bath Milk

Of course I only bathe in this....whenever the blood of virgins is not available that is....It is much richer in micro-organisms than any pasturised stuff and is a terrific ethical farming business that I love to support.


Niulife Creamed Coconut 100% Pure Flesh

A new genre of coconut yum....not quite an oil, not quite a cream, not quite a flesh, but all 3 blended together. Eat is by the spoonful...great in smoothies too.


2die4 Live Foods Activated Hazelnuts

The only way to eat nuts. Hazelnuts re my favourites at the moment - high in fat, negligible carbohydrate, crunchy and go with everything. Check my Ketogenic mini-meals for an example a great way to eat them with grass-fed butter and cacao nibs. This is another really fabulous little company that has got its products into healthfood stores in recent years, to the great delight of more than a few lipid-appreciators. They have a variety of different nuts activated in this manner.

Absolute Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is fruitiest, loveliest olive oil I have tasted in years. I am smothering it liberally on lightly steamed vegetables with lots of freshly crushed garlic.


Ceres Organics Almond Butter

Also edible by the spoonful, though not to be abused. The almonds have been lightly roasted and the butter is really oily and delicious. Smearing on butter-simmered vegetables is a great idea.

Ayam Premium Coconut Cream

This coconut cream is the thickest and creamiest I have ever managed to find. It comes from Thailand is exported all around the world. For me, there is no other coconut cream. I will buy this over most of the organic coconut creams on the market. Why? Take a look at the second photo showing the contents. What do you notice? Coconut kernel extract 100%. That's normal, right? Well no actually. Pretty much every other coconut cream available is not 100% but at most 80%, often as little as 35%! Water is a common additive. But much worse, there is often a starch derived from beans called guar gum. Yuck. I don't want that stuff in my body. Give me the fat....just the fat! And so Ayam do. The result is a coconut cream that separates out in the can, so when you open it, there are clumped up hardened parts, sometimes slightly discoloured and some watery liquid. Do not be discouraged. Just stir it around with a spoon and you will see that it completely reintegrates into a sumptuous velvety white lipidy plant cream. No Thai curry is complete without this. And check out my chocolate keto protein smoothie for another way to appreciate the beauty of this true wonder of nature.

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