Slow Cook Crock Pot Your Fatty Meats

I have had an old electric crock pot for many years, purchased second hand for a pittance in a garage sale. I used it for years to make wholegrain porridges throughout my macro phase, and occasionally made soups in it. But only recently has my crock pot discovered a whole new career as a nearly full-time slow fatty meat cooker....

It is so insanely easy, I can't believe that all meat eaters don't do it. I take a piece of some ethically raised animal, its fat and bones and all, and stick in the crock pot with some water or broth,  a chopped onion, some bay leaves, garlic, spices, perhaps some other veggies. I turn it on. And then I ignore it for at least 6 hours or for as long as 2 days. It doesn't really matter, as long as there is liquid in there to stop it drying out and burning.

Organic Pork Spare Rib Casserole

A few days ago I spotted a gigantic chunk of organic pork spare ribs discounted at my local organics store. Home it came. I had no idea what to do with it having never really cooked anything like it before in my life. So I just subjected to the above crock-pot treatment, adding:

- bay leaves,
- a chopped red onion,
- 3 cloves of whole garlic,
- pepper and salt,
- a punnet of organic cherry tomatoes,
- a tablespoon of Dijon mustard,
- 1.5 cups of a pre-made organic chicken-bone broth, 
- half cup of apple cider vinegar.

This casserole has nourished 2 people over 2.5 meals and was profoundly delicious. The thick slabs of fat that softened in the liquid gradually melted to give the casserole a thick sauce. The bones dissolved and could be eaten easily. There is no better calcium supplement than this.

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