Friday, 23 August 2013

Today's food: Green kefir smoothie; creamy, cheesy eggs with mesclun salad; sashimi salmon, steamed organic bok choy with garlic, melted butter and roast almond butter


Green kefir smoothie and creamy, cheesy eggs with mesclun salad

This smoothie is a bit of a favourite. I make my own kefir using organic raw cow's milk. (I have non-dairy phases from time to time and make the kefir with coconut water instead - but I am not in one of those phases right now).

So, in the blender goes: about 300 mL raw-milk kefir (nice and sour); 3 chopped organic cucumbers; a handful of activated walnuts; a swig of MCT oil, a teaspoon of maca powder; a few leaves of organic Tuscan cabbage, a few leaves of fresh mint, 2 heaped tablespoons of organic mud cream (the thickest available), and cup of freshly brewed organic sencha tea.

Creamy, cheesy eggs consist of beating a few tablespoons of slightly less solid but still quite thick organic cream into a couple of eggs with cracked black pepper and about teaspoon (yes that's right) of turmeric, a dash of dulce seaweed flakes (very rich in iodine, to balance the goitrogens in the cruciferous vegetables I am so into), then tip it all into a cast iron pan in which 2 tablespoons of butter have been melted at low temperature. I cook this really low heat quite slowly until it is starting to form an omelette, then place slices of organic triple brie cheese on one side and flip the other side over it to make a half circle. It collapsed a bit this morning but it matters nought. The thing is heavenly yummy no matter how messy looking.

The beauty of serving it over mesclun greens is that all the buttery yum coats each leaf and makes the entire plate a holistic delicious wow....

This breakfast was consumed at about 9am and kept me going until 5pm.


Oh except that at about 3pm I had a cup of the bone broth that I am brewing on the stove today - made with the most amazing organic beef marrow bones I have ever managed to find. I just threw them in a lot of water with some organic fresh bay leaves, a roughly chopped red onion, lots of black pepper, some dulce seaweed and sprinkle of Himalayan sea salt.

Final Meal for the Day

The 5pm meal was two plates of sashimi salmon at my local sushi bar, then home for some steamed organic bok choy, tossed in lashings of melted butter and organic garlic, topped with roast-almond butter then rewarmed in a casserole dish in the oven for a bare minute.

A tiny dessert was had an hour later with a cup of kukicha tea. It was:
A few activated hazelnuts and a sprinkle of raw cacao nibs stirred into a tablespoon of that magnificent organic cream. The result is remarkably like hazelnut chocolate, except that there is no sugar high, and no feeling like I just can't get enough. On the contrary, the tiny dessert feels entirely  perfect. The end.

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